The City of Hamilton's New Transgender Protocol


On Wednesday March 8, Hamilton City Council unanimously ratified a decision made at City Council's Audit, Finance and Administration Committee to approve Aidan's Motion titled 'Protocol for Gender Identity and Gender Expression; Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Persons.'   

Aidan was instrumental in the creation of the protocol and coordinating the discussion of it at Committee.  He would like to thank members of Hamilton's community of people who identify as "transgender and non-binary, Two Spirit communities for their contribution and publically sharing their stories.  He would also like to thank the countless others who contributed or supported the work through presentations and letters to Council.


To Read the Protocol for Gender Identity and Gender Expression; Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Persons, click here.

Highlights taken from The Globe and Mail Article: 'Vote puts Hamilton on leading edge of transgender rights protection':

"Ontario already protects transgender people from discrimination in its human rights code and with Toby’s Law, passed in 2012. Many other provinces have adopted similar protections. But few municipalities have formalized policies governing how transgender people will be treated. Yet cities are where the “rubber meets the road” on gender rights, Hamilton Councillor Aidan Johnson said.

The protocol makes it clear that any challenge to a person’s right to access a washroom because of gender would be “unacceptable” harassment. The city would also provide single-stall, gender-neutral washrooms where possible.

Hamilton protocol allows individuals to self-identify their gender on city forms, requires city staff to address individuals according to the pronoun and use gender-neutral language (such as people and they) where gender-specific language (men and women or he and she) is unnecessary. It also codifies the rights of transgender city employees and requires sensitization training for all staff."

To read the Globe and Mail Article in full: Vote puts Hamilton on leading edge of transgender rights protection, March 2017, click here.

To read the CBC Hamilton Article: City council unanimously passes new transgender protocol, March 2017, click here.

To listen to Aidan being interviewed by Matt Galloway on Metro Morning, please click here. (approximately 7MB Download)