2016 forWard One Results Are In!

On behalf of the Ward 1 Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee (PBAC) I am pleased to announce the results of the 2016 ForWard One Process. The following outlines a summary of participation, as well as the project results for this year’s process.

Idea Submission, Public Workshop, & Shortlist

We received 395 ideas during the submission process in March (on par with the 2013 and 2014 numbers), following several weeks of promotion via social media, posters, mailing, and personal contact with schools, churches, synagogues, and community groups.

The Committee vetted the submissions for duplication, feasibility, and compliance with area rating rules, and then presented a preliminary list of 222 valid projects at a public meeting at Westdale Secondary School in April, where about 75 community members helped to consolidate related submissions into larger, stronger project ideas.  The PBAC then worked to further group and consolidate ideas until we had an ordered, manageable list of 60 projects for the ballot.  All valid submissions remained on the list, either alone or as part of a larger project idea.

Voting Results

We received 2,116 valid ballots (388 on paper) this year.  Each ballot ranked up to five project ideas and points were assigned to each project idea by rank: 5 points for the first choice down to 1 point for the fifth.

The top two projects – “Improve and Expand the Parkette at Main and Dow” and “Repair/Repave Ward 1 Roads” – were favourites by a significant margin.  There were at least two projects from each neighbourhood as well as for the whole Ward in the top 15; six of the top 10 projects were consolidated submissions, two of those having been consolidated at the public workshop.

Participation was up some 40% compared to 2013 and 2014, with particular increases in Ainslie Wood (67%) and Kirkendall (51%).

The Final Project List

The top 24 projects have been submitted to City staff for implementation estimates and first steps toward implementation. The following is the list of the top 24 projects.

Number listed beside the project name is the ranking of the project based on votes received. 

1 Improve and Expand the Parkette at Main and Dow

2 Repair/Repave Ward 1 Roads

3 Locke Street Streetscaping

4 Chedoke Golf Course Redevelopment Plan

5 Westdale Complete Streets Master Plan

6 Upgrade HAAA Park Facilities

7 Add Natural Playground at Canadian Martyrs School Main and Leland

8 Churchill Park Master Plan Implementation

9 Establish a Senior Centre in Ward 1

10 Prince Philip School Recreation Centre

11 Improvement to the Locke Street Library

12 Victoria Park Playground Improvements

13 Establish a Skate Park for Kids and Teens in Ward 1

14 Improve Bike Lane Connections at Dundurn and York

15 Establish Wild Flower Gardens

16 Alexander Park Redevelopment

17 Alleyway Improvements

18 Charlton Ave & Dundurn St. Traffic Calming

19 Earl Kitchener School Playground Revitalization

20 Kirkendall Neighbourhood Master Plan

21 Traffic Calming of Main Street

22 Victoria Park Beautification and Community Garden Expansion

23 Tastebuds Student Nutrition Collaborative

24 Coronation Pool Expansion