2017 Participatory Budgeting (PB) Update!


Thank you to everyone who has submitted an idea and/or attended the community workshop!

We received 320 fabulous ideas from across the Ward, including from McMaster Students.

  • 35% relate to public safety
  • 24% relate to Parks and Recreation
  • 13% relate to other projects
  • 11% relate to large capital projects

The PB Advisory Committee reviewed the 320 submissions. They identified duplicate ideas and ones that did not meet criteria, reducing the list to 215. They also grouped similar ideas by neighbourhood. At the Community Workshop, residents came together and helped combine several similar ideas into 1 stronger one.


In the next stage, City Staff will be reviewing the list to help identify projects that are not possible or do not require Area Rating Money. For example, we received an idea to revitalize the splash pad at the HAAA in Kirkendall. This project is already underway and is being installed in Spring / Summer of 2017!

The PB Advisory Committee will then develop the shortlist for you to vote on; voting is scheduled to start March 20, stay tuned!

Thank you to Civic Plan, and this year's hard working PB Advisory Committee, for their excellent effort in assessing the submissions that will make Ward 1 a better place for Everyone!