2018 Community Heat Response


The City of Hamilton, in consultation with community partners, coordinates the Community Heat Response Plan to help citizens cope with intense heat events.

Extreme heat puts everyone at risk of heat-related illnesses. People at increased risk include those age 65 and older, young children, people with chronic medical conditions and people who work outdoors. It is important to take necessary steps to protect yourself and your family during extreme heat events. Throughout the summer please pay attention to the radio, TV, local newspaper and social media for Public Health Services heat advisories, warnings or extended heat warnings, and what to do in each case.

Prepare for the heat, What you can do to prepare for the heat before it arrives:

  • If you take medication, speak with your doctor or pharmacist about how your medication affects your risk for heat-related illness.
  • If you have an air conditioner, make sure it works properly. If you have ceiling fans or other fans, they can help as long as the temperature is not too high.
  • Talk to family, neighbours and friends and make a plan for visits on hot days. Visitors can see signs of heat-related illness that could be missed over the phone. Make plans to visit air-conditioned places such as a mall, library or community centre during heat events. Even a few hours every day in air conditioning will help.
  • During warm weather, check local weather forecasts so you know when to take extra care.

When the heat arrives, Cool Places Program: 

In 2018, the City will again utilize Cool Places as locations in the community where the public can find short-term relief from the heat. While many of these Cool Places are City facilities, many are also operated by community partners.   Cool Place information is available at www.hamilton.ca/heat.

  • During a Heat Advisory: the City and community partners operate locations as ‘cool places’.
  • During a Heat Warning: All publicized Open, Family, Adult and Senior’s swims at all Indoor and Outdoor Pools are free of charge. All wading pools continue to operate as scheduled. Supie programs remain operational but modify programming to a more passive nature.
  • During an Extended Heat Warning: All publicized Open, Family, Adult and Senior’s swims at all Indoor and Outdoor Pools are free of charge. All wading pools close, except Dundas Driving Park. Signs are posted at wading pools advising of the closest indoor pool. Supie program is suspended.
  • There are 66 spray pad locations (59 in 2017) with six of them extending their hours of operation during heat events (Village Green, Winona Park, Pier 4, Dundas, Gage Park, Waterdown Memorial)

Hot Cars and Pets:

For more information about Heat in the City, please visit the website.