2018 Participatory Budget Ideas Receive Funding!


We are excited to announce that Aidan's Motion for the 2018 Ward 1 Area Rating Expenditure passed at the General Issues Committee and was ratified by Council! City staff now has a defined budget and direction to start planning the infrastructure projects voted on in the last Participatory Budgeting (PB) Process.

The 244 ideas collected during the submission phase, were in the categories of Access and Accessibility to Public Space, Park and Trail Enhancements, Public Building Enhancements, Beautification, Environmental Stewardship and other.

The projects receiving funding are:

  • $170,000 - Implementation of the infrastructure featured associated with the Churchill Park Master Plan, Phase 2
  • $135,000 - New garden boxes, shed, water line extension, fencing, and concrete wheelchair accessibility feature at the Victoria Park raised gardens and associated concrete pad
  • $45,000 - Repair of the fishing wharf upon the floating bridge from Cootes Paradise (to supplement the funds already allocated by Council for the general purpose of repairing flooding damage to the waterfront trail)
  • $45,000 - Cycling improvements in Strathcona neighbourhood
  • $96,000 - Water-fountains and/or fountain repairs in Ward 1 municipal green space
  • $300,000 - Alexander Park community hub partnership fund.                         

To download the full motion, please click here.