Active Transportation Benchmarking Program

The Active Transportation Benchmarking program collects pedestrian and cycling (active transportation) activity throughout the City along sidewalks, trails, and on-road bicycle routes. Automatic counters monitor active transportation 24 hours a day at various locations for one-week durations. 

Please click the image to be directed to the Eco-Counter Hamilton webpage.


What is the data used for?

Data on usage and demand is essential to:

  • build long-term support for walking and cycling
  • improve conditions for pedestrians and cyclists
  • contribute to City processes including designing lighting levels, maintenance programs, planning and design studies

Counter types

Hamilton currently uses four different types of automatic counters:

  • Pyro-Box
  • Eco-Combo
  • pneumatic tube sensors
  • inductive loops

For more information on how these counters work visit

Counter locations

Temporary trail counts are currently rotated from location-to-location on a weekly basis.

Permanent counters are located in the following locations:

  • King Street West and Highway 403 (bicycle-specific counter)
  • Cannon Street Cycle Track (bicycle-specific counter)
  • Waterfront Trail near Bayfront Park (bicycle/pedestrian combination counter)
  • Chedoke Stairs (activity counter)
  • Dundurn Street Stairs (activity counter)
  • James Street Stairs (activity counter)
  • Wentworth Street Stairs (activity counter)
  • Kimberly Street Stairs (activity counter)
  • Gage Park BMX Pump Track (bicycle-specific counter)
  • Red Hill Valley Trail - QEW Bridge (activity counter)
  • Red Hill Valley Trail - Greenhill Avenue (activity counter)
  • Arbour Street Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge (activity counter)
  • LINC Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass (activity counter)
  • LINC Pedestrian/Bicycle Underpass (activity counter)
  • Highway 403 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass – Chedoke/Bruce Trail (activity counter)
  • Highway 403 Pedestrian/Bicycle Overpass – Hamilton-Brantford Trail (activity counter)

For historical reports and data please click here to be directed to the City's Website.