Additional By-law Enforcement Coming to McMaster Neighbourhoods February 6!

The City of Hamilton would like to advise all property owners and tenants of the increase in by-law enforcement in the communities surrounding McMaster University. Effective Monday February 6, 2017, for one year, by-law enforcement staff will be reactively and proactively investigating Yard Maintenance related by-laws (i.e. Long Grass and Weeds, Garbage and Debris), Solid Waste Management (ie storage of waste collection containers, improper waste at the curb) and Snow and Ice (sidewalks and walkways clear for safe pedestrian passage).  A reminder, if a yard maintenance or property standard violation is found, it is the property owner's responsibility to ensure it is corrected and pay for any potential fines.

In addition Parking Control Officers will be addressing parking violations such as boulevard parking (vehicles should not be parking on front and side yards) and time limit parking regulations. Please ensure compliance with City of Hamilton By-laws to avoid penalties for by-law violations. For more information visit City of Hamilton By-Laws 

To report issues involving parking please call 905 540-6000, for by-law issues contact 905 546-2489.  Issues can also be reported online by clicking here.