Bike Guard Program - Hamilton Police

A bicycle represents a substantial investment and is a popular item of theft. Thousands of lost and stolen bicycles are recovered by the police every year. Most bicycle owners never see their bikes again simply because the owner cannot be located.

Operation Bike Guard was created to assist the police in identifying the owner of found or stolen bicycles and to provide educational tips to the public regarding bicycle theft prevention and safety.

The Program

Bicycle owners can complete an Operation Bike Guard Identification Form. Once complete, sore this information in a safe place. If your bicycle is ever lost or stolen, please visit the police station nearest you to file a stolen/lost bicycle report. Bring your completed Bike Guard Identification Form, including the photo and sales receipt. This may help assist the police in identifying your bike (if or when it is located).  The police report must be filled out in person and an investigating officer will provide you with more details at that time.

Theft Prevention Tips:

  • Store your bicycle in a safe location and use a locking device to attach it to a secure and fixed object.
  • Also consider removing a tire or seat to discourage would-be thieves.
  • Record your bicycle make, model and serial number on the face of the Bike Guard Identification form. This will assist to identify your bicycle should it ever be lost or stolen and recovered by police. Typically the serial number of your bicycle is on the frame under the shaft that houses the pedals.