Bike Lanes impacted by LRT Construction

Based on traffic modeling information for the light rail transit (LRT) project, staff have identified areas along the west end of the route that may require more traffic capacity during LRT construction and when it’s in service. This may have an impact on existing and proposed cycling infrastructure, including:

  • Dundurn Street North existing bike lanes
  • York Boulevard (Queen to Dundurn) existing bike lanes
  • Main Street West proposed bike lanes from Macklin to Cootes


Metrolinx and the City of Hamilton are committed to replacing bike lanes impacted by the LRT project during construction and developing longer term solutions in close consultation with affected neighbourhoods and the cycling community. The LRT project team is seeking input from the cycling community and affected neighbourhood associations to identify alternative routes and innovative solutions.

A community consultation session is being planned for February 23 2017 at McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) from 7-9pm. To attend, you must RSVP by February 21 to: