Community Connectors Hit the Streets!

The Hamilton Light Rail (LRT) Community Connector Team has begun their fifth canvass, knocking on the doors of each street level property along the corridor. Their goal is to educate, inform and engage property owners and also gather feedback on LRT plans where required. They will be conducting this outreach over the next several weeks.


The Community Connectors will conduct two visits annually for the duration of the Hamilton LRT project. Since 2016, they have completed four canvasses, visiting the nearly 1,400 properties along the corridor, and have had almost 3,000 conversations with business owners and residents. Keep an eye out for them along the corridor this month. You can also catch our Connectors at various festivals and events across the city this summer.

Summer Events 2018

Last year the Hamilton LRT Team participated in more than 40 community events! 

Do you want the team to attend your 2018 event? Send your event details to and one of our team members will be in touch.

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