Council approves the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy!

We are excited to announce the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy Project is moving forward!  Council ratified a motion that approves the terms of reference for the project. Click here to view the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy - Terms of Reference.

Motion approved by the Planning Committee on June 5, 2018:

Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy (PED18099) (Ward 1) (Item 5.1)

a. That   the   Kirkendall   Neighbourhood   Strategy  – Terms   of   Reference (attached as Appendix “A” to Report 18-009) be approved;

b. That   staff   from   Healthy   and   Safe   Communities,   Healthy   and   Safe Communities  Department,  be  directed  to  retain  a  consultant  to  assist  the neighbourhood  in  the  preparation  of  a  Neighbourhood  Strategy  for  the Kirkendall Neighbourhood;

c. That  the  procurement,  budget  and  payment  schedule  be  overseen  and administered by the Children’s Services and Neighbourhood Development Division;

d. That  the  Children’s  Services  and  Neighbourhood  Development  Division provide  ongoing  support  through  the  Neighbourhood  Strategy  process  to the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy Steering Committee