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Doors Open Hamilton!


Saturday, May 05, 2018


City of Hamilton
Hamilton, ON

Visit Hamilton’s oldest and newest spaces!

Visit new sites, discover new uses in old and not-so-old buildings, see unique spaces that are rarely open to the public, and learn how some Hamilton spaces and landscapes have evolved since Confederation.

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The Ontario Heritage Trust works with communities across the province to open the doors, gates and courtyards of their unique and most fascinating cultural sites so you can explore the stories inside.

Every April to October, many of Ontario’s heritage treasures are opened to the public with free events across the province. Whether you are exploring on your own, organizing an outing with family and friends, or planning a first date, Doors Open Ontario has something for everyone.

From historical houses to modern marvels of construction, Doors Open Ontario showcases the buildings, natural spaces, infrastructure and cultural landscapes that shape and define our communities.

In 2018, Ontario commemorates 100 years since women’s suffrage and the equality movement in Ontario’s pluralistic society. As the Trust explores the province’s efforts to move "toward a fair and just society," Doors Open Ontario will provide an opportunity to visit some of the buildings and sites associated with this movement. Possible related sites could include: meeting halls, churches, government buildings, homes of women who were central to this struggle, union buildings and other public spaces that hosted important events in the struggle for women’s rights.