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Free Guest Lecture: International World Water Day at RBG


Wednesday, March 22, 2017


RBG Centre
680 Plains Rd W
Burlington, ON L7T 1J1

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 is International World Water Day, as declared by the UN.

RBG has invited Pamela Martin, Chief for Environment and Climate Change Canada, to speak on the day’s theme of Why Waste Water.
The topic is very relevant to RBG.

The Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan includes the ability of wildlife to reproduce successfully. Leopard Frogs are one of the species used to index reproductive ability within Cootes Paradise Marsh. Studies include samples of a cross section of compounds in the inflowing water (both Spencer Creek and Dundas Wastewater) and different areas of the marsh.

Reproductive success is impaired in some locations, and the inflowing water has a wide variety of compounds ranging from excessive nutrients, low level pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Which of these compounds may be limiting success of the frogs is yet to be determined.

Come learn what the contributing compounds are, so that you know how you can help keep Cootes clean.

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