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Girl Power Hour (age 12-18)


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Churchill Park Clubhouse
163 Cline St N
Hamilton, ON L8S

Kinetic Girl Power hour (GPH):  For girls aged 12-18!  A functional approach to fitness.  Focusing on teaching/ instructing what is proper posture, core/ pelvic floor health, stretching and strengthening.  Most of all getting fit while having fun.  

Taught by Registered Kinesiologists. $75 for a 5 week session on Wednesdays at 5pm starting April 18th. 

Sign up here:  https://LoudenKineticsDOITNOW.as.me/?appointmentType=category:Group+Classes

Don’t take it from us- here is what a GPH participant had to say:

As kid who was not a competitive athlete, I found it difficult to find sports activities for my age group that weren't focused on winning--I just wanted to get stronger. At Kinetic Girl Power Hour, I found a comfortable, supportive atmosphere with role models who made me surprise myself with the strength I gained! The class is full of girls at every level of fitness--some are competitive athletes--but I have seen each one grow in her own way. 

Shar isn't only supportive, motivating, and knowledgeable; she also brings a unique attitude, believing in and empowering everyone with her positivity. She teaches body positivity and self-confidence. Each week I'm surprised to find that she and the other leaders have posted new positive messages on the walls, planned a fun collaborative activity where we compliment each other, or decided to lend a few minutes to discuss the importance of self-love and positive body image.

The class also promotes proper nutrition, and there are always healthy snacks at the beginning of class to ensure that we are nourishing ourselves while rushing between school, class, and other activities. Kinetic Girl Power Hour is an oasis of positivity and personal growth--I look forward to going every week!

For more information please email Sharlene: shar@loudenkinetics.ca