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Good Student Neighbour Awards Nominations

Happy winter to all! Here we are again in January and it’s time to consider nominating good student neighbours. Nomination Deadline is February 20, 2017

Each year since 2006 the AWWCA, the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Police Service, and McMaster University have partnered to recognize student neighbours who contribute positively to the community.

Please consider recognizing one student who you appreciate or admire, “a good kid” or even an entire house of good student neighbours. Perhaps they greet you with a friendly smile, help you with your garbage, shovel your walk, or simply live in harmony with the surrounding residents.

If there is a quiet and considerate student house on your street, you can nominate the entire household.

The students who have been nominated in the past have been thrilled with the recognition. Each student receives a formal letter of appreciation signed by the mayor, the university president, and the chief of police. This letter becomes a valuable component of the student’s resume.

We require the students’ names (first and last), their address, and a brief statement as to why you are nominating them. Please send nominations to Shelli Eisenberg at shelli.eisenberg@sympatico.ca

To allow sufficient time to have letters of recognition signed and to complete required background checks, please submit your nominees by February 20 at the latest.

This year the award ceremony will take place on Friday March 24 at 12 noon on the main level of the Student Centre. Of course you are invited to attend!

Thank you very much.


Shelli Eisenberg, Student Liaison