Hamilton City Council Approves 2018 Rate Budget & Tax Supported Capital Budget

During today’s December 8 City Council meeting, Council approved the City of Hamilton 2018 Water, Wastewater / Storm Rate Budget as well as the City’s Tax Supported Capital Budget.

With the approved rates for the 2018 Water, Wastewater / Storm Rate Budget landing at a combined rate increase of 4.5% effective January 1, 2018. The average resident’s bill in 2018 will be $690.70 for a household consuming 200 cubic metres of water annually representing an increase of $29.75 annually.

Hamilton has one of the oldest and most complex water and wastewater systems in Ontario. This investment will improve our ability to protect the environment and deliver on our commitments respecting harbour clean up, support the homeowner assistance programs related to sewer later repair, basement flood prevention and lead service replacement while supporting Hamilton’s ongoing efforts to address the infrastructure deficit and work toward a sustainable level of funding for this critical system.
This rate increase reflects a prudent investment for present and future generations while balancing residents’ ability to pay. Hamilton’s rates continue to remain among the lowest in Ontario.

Council’s approval of the 2018 Tax Supported Capital Budget will support $236 million gross in capital infrastructure projects. The increase in capital funding from property taxes equates to an increase in the operating budget of 0.9 per cent or $7.5 million. This represents an increase of $30 per year on an average household.

The Tax Supported Capital Budget will focus on roads, bridges, traffic, sidewalks, corporate/recreation facilities and entertainment facility rehabilitation, affordable housing, transit initiatives, Fire and Paramedic Services and waste management. In addition, capital investments will be made towards improving the outdoor spaces in Hamilton including open space development, forestry and horticulture and West Harbour development.

2018 Tax Supported Capital Budget Highlights

$236 M in gross capital spending includes:
• $68.5 million towards Roads, bridges, traffic, sidewalks
• $14.2 million towards Roads growth
• $26.4 million towards Corporate and recreation facilities rehabilitation
• $25.8 million towards West Harbour Strategic initiatives
• $19.4 million towards Transit initiatives
• $11.5 million towards Affordable Housing Initiatives
• $8.2 million towards Fire and Paramedic Services
• $7.9 million towards Open Space Development
• $7.7 million towards Vehicle replacement
• $7.2 million towards Entertainment facility rehabilitation
• $4.6 million towards Waste Management initiatives
• $4.3 million towards Forestry and Horticulture

Additional Resources
Learn more about the 2018 Budget - www.hamilton.ca/Budget2018