Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) Parking

Visiting a hospital or a healthcare facility is a part of life – occasionally it is joyous, like when we welcome a newborn baby into the family, but it can often be stressful or even traumatic.

No matter what the reason for your visit, parking fees can be a frustrating expense.

It’s important to know that developing and maintaining parking facilities at hospitals is not funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, which means parking services must be self-sufficient.

At Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS), parking lots and garages are owned or leased by the hospital and are all, except for West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby, operated by the Volunteer Association of HHS. The Volunteer Association donates profits back to HHS to support patient care, including the purchase of equipment such as fetal monitors, infant warmers, surgical equipment, wheelchairs and walkers.

HHS sites include McMaster University Medical Centre and Children’s Hospital, Main Street West Urgent Care Centre, Hamilton General Hospital and Regional Rehabilitation Centre, Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, St. Peter’s Hospital and West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

There are options if you are a frequent visitor and/or financially challenged

People with financial challenges or who must visit HHS frequently may qualify for a subsidy. The money comes from overall parking revenues and is allotted based on recommendations from clinical staff. Please inquire at the reception area of the program or clinic you are visiting.

There are long-term rate options that offer a discount off the standard daily rate. Visit http://corpweb.hhsc.ca/body.cfm?id=61%20for more information.