Hydro Pole Replacement in Kirkendall North


Message from Alectra Utilities:

Alectra Utilities Corporation is committed to a continual program of preventative, maintenance, repair, refurbishment, and replacement of electrical equipment in order to ensure a reliable supply of electricity to our customers we serve.

We will be replacing hydro equipment, which will include the installation of new poles, transformers, overhead wires, an underground duct structure crossing and cabling.

Customers can expect to see Alectra Utilities personnel and our contractors at work in the area bounded by Locke Street south, Pearl Street, Hunter Street west to Aberdeen Avenue. The first part of our work will start in January of 2018. 

This work is expected to be completed by the fall of 2018.

The installation of new lines may necessitate some tree trimming in certain sections. With public safety and a concern for the environment as two of our key corporate values, Alectra Utilities would like to assure you that it is our policy to always trim the least amount of branches from trees as possible while maintaining safe clearances around our high-voltage wires.

Some traffic delays are to be expected between the hours 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday due to required lane reductions.