Locke Street Vandalism

Aidan addresses neighbours at #LoveLocke Day on Saturday March 10, 2018:

- Excerpt from CBC Hamilton article on March 10, 2018 "Day to love Locke Street held after vandalism spree" by by Laura Clementson

On Saturday March 3 at approximately 10pm, 30 people from an unidentified group marched down Aberdeen and then Locke Street causing damage to cars, homes and small businesses.  Aidan is shocked and sad by the events but filled with hope as the community rallies together.   

Aidan was on Locke Street early Sunday morning after the attack speaking with Shop owners and the community.  After his experience, he posted a statement to facebook: "Glass has shattered, but love has proven unbreakable today on Locke. Overwhelmed by the solidarity on the street. Thank you to everyone, from across the region, who has come to share community with our Kirkendall neighbours. And thanks to those sending love from afar."

Watch Aidan and Terra (from the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Association) discuss the Locke Street Vandalism with Doug Faraway on City Matters here.

#LoveLocke Day is happening March 10.  Aidan is encouraging people to come and show support for those touched by the senseless vandalism.   Interesting to note about the hashtag: On the fence over the railway tracks on Locke Street (between Hunter Street W and Canada Street), couples have placed a lock as a symbol of their love.  It follows a Parisien tradition of fastening a "love lock" on to the Pont des Arts bridge in before throwing the key into the River Seine. 

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