Changes at the Main and Dundurn Intersection!

Update: Changes were introduced!  Motorists making a left-turn from Dundurn Street onto Main Street now have separate traffic signal indications and are not permitted to turn while pedestrians are crossing on the east side and while northbound motorists are proceeding. You will notice the “Left Turn Signal” signs as well as “New” signs that will catch the eyes of both drivers and pedestrians to inform them of the change.


In 2018, the southbound to eastbound advance green will be converted to a fully protected signal. This means that southbound vehicles turning from Durndurn onto Main Street will only be able to complete the turn on a green arrow.  It is hoped that this will make the intersection safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. In order to make this happen, City Staff have been busy making over 100 programming adjustments at traffic signals between Highway 403 and Gage Avenue.  We are looking forward to the changes!