McMaster University’s Student Community Support Network (SCSN) Peer to Peer Program

The City of Hamilton’s Municipal Law Enforcement (MLE) has increased proactive investigations in neighbourhoods around McMaster University for Yard Maintenance and Parking by-law violations. In addition to enforcement MLE is working together with McMaster University’s SCSN and the Peer to Peer Program to improve conditions by educating tenants on their responsibilities. Peer to Peer Program volunteers have been educated on by-laws and violations and they will reach out to tenants who need some education in an attempt to correct the problem before involving MLE. The focus is on Yard Maintenance issues (i.e. Long grass/weeds, garbage/debris, snow and ice removal off sidewalks) and parking (i.e. vehicles parked on the front and side yards (lawns), time limits).


The best way to build neighbour relationships and achieve favourable results is by working together with the help of the community and area residents. We are asking the community to contact Peer to Peer by email first at to report a concern as identified above. A Peer to Peer volunteer will attend the property and discuss the issue(s) with the tenant(s). The property will be re-inspected by them and if the issue is not resolved they will contact MLE for an investigation. Peer to Peer volunteers will follow up with the complainant to advise them of the results and actions taken by them. Please consider contacting Peer to Peer before contacting MLE.

Anyone wanting to make a Yard Maintenance or Property Standards complaint without going through the Peer to Peer Program has several options;

Call: 905 546-2782


On line: complaint form

For all Parking Complaints call: 905-540-6000