Monarch Awards 2018: Now Accepting Applications!

Do you garden for nature? Does your patch of earth include habitat for bees and butterflies and other pollinators? Then you are invited to apply to the Hamilton Monarch Awards!


The Monarch Awards recognize Hamilton gardens and gardeners for their contribution to a bio-diverse, sustainable environment!

Hamilton has a unique garden award program that recognizes function as well as good looks. The Monarch Awards showcase and champion gardeners who create nature-friendly spaces full of native plant diversity, pollinator habitat, and sustainable, ecologically sound approaches to garden care. This year, the Monarch Awards will also recognize small or young gardens as well as inexperienced gardeners who are just starting out. So don’t hesitate to apply—you could win a special "Caterpillar Award" on your way to becoming a mature Monarch.

Unlike the Trillium Awards, Monarch Awards look at the big picture--front and back yard. It's not just about curb appeal. Finalists receive a visit from the members of the judging team who will talk with the gardener to learn more. 

Entering your garden for an award is as easy as sending an email with a few photo attachments.  There's no questionnaire-- entrants simply describe their gardens in relation to six categories: soil health; wise water use; plant choices and diversity; hardscaping and materials; cultural practices (what do you do in your garden to enhance natural systems); and aesthetics.

For more information or to volunteer, please visit

Important Dates:

  • Entry deadline is midnight Sunday on June 24, 2018.
  • The selection of finalists happens between June 24 and July 8.
  • Judges’ site visits are scheduled for mid-July.

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