New Pedestrian Crossovers are Coming to Ward 1!

I am pleased to report that there will be 3 new Pedestrian Crossovers installed in Ward 1 before the end of this year; Queen Street at Herkimer, Longwood at Marion and Locke Street at Stanley.  Crossovers feature special street markings, more visible signage, and some have flashing beacons.  They differ from painted crosswalks or controlled intersections because motorists must stop and wait until all pedestrians have left the roadway, under provincial legislation that came into force in January.   

I would request everyone's patience while motorists, cyclists and pedestrians adjust to the new crossovers as well as the change to the existing intersections.  I would also like to remind everyone that it is your responsibility to understand and follow the rules of the road no matter what mode of transportation you choose.  Please email me with any concerns, suggestions or questions.

For more information about the new Crossovers as well as a complete listing of locations across the City please click here