Pothole Repair Update - February 2018


Update: The City will be doing emergency repairs to Main Street West between Cootes Drive and Longwood Road to fix the poor road conditions caused from numerous potholes and traffic volume.

Weather conditions have continued to put stress on the City's road surfaces. Roads crews are responding with “all hands on deck” as they attempt to repair damage to the road in several priority areas across the city.


January Update:

Recent weather conditions within the City of Hamilton resulted in a short-lived January thaw. The City has experienced extreme temperatures ranging from a low of -16 degrees Celsius to a high of 11 degrees Celsius. There was also significant rain which then transitioned into snow. This has resulted in significant pavement damage and potholes.

Potholes are defined as structural failures in a road surface. They result primarily from water in the underlying soil structure of the road. The freeze/thaw temperatures result in the thawing of upper portions of the soil structure and water cannot drain past still-frozen lower layers. Traffic further weakens the area, breaking up the asphalt surface and displacing the asphalt and the underlying soil material creating the pothole.

Residents and motorists are being asked to report potholes by calling 905-546-CITY, email - askcity@hamilton.ca or twitter @cityofhamilton. When residents call/email/tweet they will be asked to provide detailed information as to location (street addresses or intersections) and estimated size of the pothole. This will assist staff in prioritizing efforts.

Under normal weather conditions potholes are consistently addressed by City staff in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) for Municipal Highways. Timeliness of repair is prescribed based on the size of the pothole and the amount of traffic on that roadway. Timeframes for repair of MMS potholes range from 4 to 30 days. Potholes are more common in the spring and generally develop over several weeks but Ontario is experiencing abnormal winter weather conditions. As a result, accelerated deterioration of road networks is occurring in many municipalities across the Province.

City crews have and will continue to undertake pothole repairs to the satisfaction of the MMS with all due diligence, in accordance with budgetary and staffing considerations.

Current weather conditions are presenting, and will continue to present, a significant challenge in this regard. Cold patch, recycled hot mix, and a new specialty product, Instarmac™ Instant Road Repair for heavy truck traffic areas, are being utilized as conditions dictate.

City crews are also undertaking winter control operations, a competing and equally important priority.
During this weather challenge there is a heightened importance for motorists to drive defensively as they travel about the City, which includes;

  • reducing speed of travel and preparing for a slower than usual commute
  • maintaining constant attentiveness to road conditions
  • following other vehicles at a safe distance
  • maintaining optimum sightlines by thoroughly clearing your vehicle of snow, ice, and mud
  • properly maintaining your vehicle, particularly tires, headlights, and windshield wipers