Public Works Rain Storm Preparations

Wet weather and high water levels could cause additional flooding in Hamilton.


Image: Waterfront Trail, April 30, 2017

With more wet and windy weather in the forecast over the coming days, the City of Hamilton is reminding residents to be cautious around watercourses and to take steps to prevent flooding in and around their homes.

City crews are continuing to work proactively to clear catch basins and inspect flooding hot spots across the city, and are providing the following tips for residents to reduce the risk of flooding:

  • Keep catch basins in front of your home clear of leaves and debris.
  • If your home has a backwater valve installed, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning to ensure that it is functioning properly.
  • Check your sump pump to make sure it is working properly.
  • If your home or area is prone to flooding you may want to consider ensuring any valuables are up off of basement floors.
  • Keep your eaves troughs clean. When your eaves troughs are blocked, the rain will pour over the edges landing on the ground next to your home. If you have cracks in the concrete wall of your basement or problems with your weeping tile, this water could enter your home.

Many other communities in Ontario are experiencing similar potential flooding scenarios, especially in neighbourhoods close to the lakefront and other bodies of water. The City is working with the Hamilton Conservation Authority and other stakeholders to respond accordingly. Conditions may result in road flooding and/or ponding in low lying areas such as backyards and drainage areas until drier conditions permit full drainage. Motorists should be cautious if driving on flooded roads.

Hamilton’s Waterfront Trail remains closed today due to damage caused by high winds, unusually high water levels and erosion along the pathway. The Desjardins Trail is also underwater and has been closed.

Residents should exercise caution around all bodies of water and keep children and pets away from watercourses that may be unstable. Additionally, residents are advised to avoid visiting area waterfalls as they are likely experiencing increased flows and may be prone to flash flooding.

Please call 905-546-CITY to report sewer back-ups, flooding over roadways, fallen trees or debris in drainage ditches or culverts.