Roadway Safety for all Users


Over recent months, Traffic Operations & Engineering has been partnering with Hamilton Police Services and Corporate Communications to promote a number of roadway safety initiatives. These initiatives are all part of the Hamilton Strategic Road Safety Program and center around educating motorists, cyclists and pedestrians about roadway safety in Hamilton. The initiatives also support the principles of Vision Zero.

Below we have highlighted 3 main areas to share.  Pedestrian Crossovers, School Zones and Safety Tips as well as Bicycle Traffic Signals (Contraflow Signals) and Bike Boxes.

Pedestrian Crossovers

Pedestrian crossovers are a new way for pedestrians to easily and safely cross the road. By law, drivers and cyclists must stop and yield to pedestrians intending to cross the road, and wait for them to completely reach the other side before driving.  They are marked by signs and pavement markings. In some cases, but not always, they may also have pedestrian-activated flashing lights.

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School Zones and Safety Tips

The City of Hamilton offers tips on extra safety precautions that should be taken as students return to school.  Watch this video for an overview of

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Pedestrian Crossover vs. School Crossing

The difference between a Pedestrian Crossover and a School Crossing is shown in the image below (please click to enlarge it):



Bicycle Traffic Signals (Contraflow Signals) and Bike Boxes

Learn how to properly use the new bicycle traffic lights and how they have made travelling in the City of Hamilton clearer and safer for all road users by watching the following video:

Bike Boxes are designed to make our roads safer and assist cyclists in making safe right turns. Watch this video to learn how to use them properly!

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