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Space Explosions


Wednesday, July 18, 2018


McMaster University Planetarium
1280 Main St W
William McCallion Planetarium
Hamilton, ON L8S 4E8

An old and massive star reaches the end of its life but it is not going to go quietly. It collapses into itself and explodes in a tremendous show of light and energy to outshine entire galaxies for one brief moment before its light is forever extinguished. A supermassive black hole, millions of times larger than the sun lurks as the center of a faraway galaxy. It draws in material from its surroundings to form a magnificent glowing disk of light which ejects a great pillar of high energy particles out into the universe. Solar flares, x-ray bursters, novas and more. Come to the planetarium and learn how these destructive events can happen and what is left behind.

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