Take the Road Safety Pledge!


This week marks the start of the Hamilton Road Safety campaign, a year-long initiative to raise awareness among motorists of the risks of speeding, which is the leading contributor to a significant number of collisions in the city – some leading to serious injury and death.   

On average, 3,600 reportable collisions occur each year on Hamilton roadways – a figure that has remained consistent since 2008. In 2017, 1,681 of these collisions involved injuries and 16 resulted in fatality.

As a result of the growing concern related to traffic incidents on Hamilton roadways, the Hamilton Strategic Road Safety Committee – comprised of representatives from Hamilton Police Services and the City’s Traffic Operations and Engineering division – is launching this campaign with a focus primarily on speeding behaviour.

Hamilton motorists are being asked to commit to safe driving by taking the pledge at www.hamilton.ca/speedkills

“Hamilton roads are shared by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike; everyone has a shared responsibility to follow the rules of the road. This campaign, however, is asking drivers in particular to be aware that speed kills. Slow down, be respectful and take the pledge to keep our roads safe.” - David Ferguson, Superintendent of Traffic Engineering, City of Hamilton

For more information, please visit the website.