Team Up to Clean Up 2018!

Team Up to Clean Up is a year-round city-wide community clean up program. This program provides all the tools you need to run a community clean up including gloves, recycling bags and specially marked garbage bags.

Please consider participating in Ward 1 Clean Up Events:

  • Strathcona Community Council - clean up date is April 21, meeting at the Mustard Seed Coop at 10am.  Details here.
  • Beautiful Alleys – clean up date is April 21. Volunteers will be cleaning over 40 alleys across the city and celebrating at a BBQ at Powell Park afterwards. Contact for more details.
  • The Escarpment Project – clean up date is April 21.  Volunteers will be cleaning several sites (including Chedoke Falls, Stairs and Trail) along the Escarpment and celebrating at a BBQ at the Punch Bowl Market afterwards. Visit for more details.
  • Stewards of Cootes – an ongoing clean up in the Cootes watershed. Volunteers clean up multiple sites every weekend. Visit for more details.
  • Ainslie Wood Community Association - Spring Clean Up event is May 5 from 1pm to 3pm at Alexander Park.  Details here.

or Create your Own Event!

Help keep public places in your neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone. You can host a clean up event in your neighbourhood, this can include; parks, trails, parking lots, alleyways or streets. Register here.

The City discourages clean ups around water because of the danger to volunteers. If you want to host a clean up event near a waterfall, pond or along a shoreline, you must register your event with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Program. This program will ensure you have appropriate safety information and liability coverage for volunteers. Click here to learn more including tip about starting your own Team Up to Clean Up Event.