The 2018 Participatory Budget Results are in!

Westdale_2.jpgOn behalf of the Ward 1 Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee (PBAC) I am pleased to announce the results of the 2018 forWard One process.  The following outlines a summary of participation, as well as the project results for this year’s process!


Idea Submission, Public Workshop, & Shortlist

This was the first year a theme, Environmental Stewardship, was introduced to Ward 1 Participatory Budgeting process.  The 244 ideas that were collected during the submission phase that was open from November 16 to December 14, 2017, were in the categories of Access and Accessibility to Public Space, Park and Trail Enhancements, Public Building Enhancements, Beautification, Environmental Stewardship and other. 

One of the most difficult tasks for the Participatory Budgeting Advisory Committee (PBAC) was to review and consolidate the ideas into a manageable and comprehensive list.  Thus, the Committee needed to go through a rigorous review process which included scrutiny for ineligible ideas, combining duplicate ideas, consolidating similar ideas and amalgamating ideas relating to a specific location or overall theme, as well as a review by City staff.  The process also included a public workshop held on February 26 attended by enthusiastic residents who assisted the committee with this task.

The end result was the 2018 Ballot of 25 ideas.  Click here to view the voting booklet.

Voting Results

The forWard one voting period was open from March 19 to April 19, 2018. Ward 1 residents were able to cast their vote on paper at various dropbox locations throughout the ward, as well as online via the website. We received 1,494 valid ballots this year.  The forWard one process uses a ranked ballot to collect resident’s priorities for spending money.  Each ballot ranked up to five project ideas and points were assigned by rank: 5 points for the first choice, down to 1 point for the fifth. The results are as follows:




Repair / Rehabilitate Ward 1's Waterfront Trail


Tree Planting


Install Water-Bottle Refilling Stations


Pollinator and Native Plants in Ward 1


Ward 1 Greenway along Kent, Pearl and Magill Streets


Churchill Park Master Plan Implementation


Recreation Centre at Alexander Park


Waste Management on Locke Street


Alleyway Improvements in Kirkendall


Alexander Park Improvements


Neighbourhood Air Monitoring


Renewable Energy for Municipal Buildings


Cycling Improvements in Strathcona


Pedestrian Activated Light at Queen Street North and Napier


Expansion of Parking Lot at Ryerson Recreation Centre


Cement Seating in Westdale


Expand the Community Garden and Planters in Victoria Park


Fix Drainage Issues at Stroud Park


Neighbourhood Traffic Plan Implementation in Ainslie Wood


Create a naturalized area across from Jackson Park


Install additional Bike Racks


Accessibility for Churchill Park Clubhouse


Patio Enhancement, Dalewood Recreation Centre


Outdoor Ashtrays/ Cigarette Receptacles


Royal Botanical Garden (RBG) Signs added to York Blvd

Click here to read more about the process and results.

PBAC Recommendation

Once the final voting is completed, PBAC reviews the results to advise the Councillor on how to spend area rating funds for the following year’s capital budget in the ward. PBAC is committed to ensuring the money is shared and enjoyed among all neighbourhoods.  With this principal in mind, PBAC has advised the Councillor to ensure the top 4 projects are funded (the top 4 projects are Ward Wide) along with 1 or 2 of the top voted projects for each neighbourhood.

Next Steps

Aidan will be meeting with City Staff to investigate and obtain implementation estimates on the top projects, starting with the ones identified by PBAC.  His goal is to get as many projects implemented as possible.  Once that is complete, Aidan will announce the 2018 Final Project List with budget to the community.