Aidan's Motion Requesting Changes on Aberdeen


At the March 29 City Council Meeting, Aidan introduced a motion to test traffic calming measures on Aberdeen.  The changes proposed by the City's traffic department, include:

  1. Pedestrian activated light at Cottage.
  2. Pedestrian crossover on the southbound to westbound right turn channel at Queen Street and Aberdeen Avenue.  
  3. Changes to the Dundurn and Aberdeen intersection (click here for details and here for a graphic image of the lane marking changes).

In a Hamilton Spectator article, Aidan called the measures necessary for neighbourhood safety and a "good compromise" between doing nothing and implementing a permanent, narrowing "road diet" requested by local residents worried about speeding motorists.

To read the Hamilton Spectator Article: LRT acrimony riles up Aberdeen traffic-calming debate, March 2017, click here.