Trillium Awards Program

The Trillium Awards program promotes community pride by recognizing residents who, by landscaping and maintaining their property, contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and community. All properties in the City of Hamilton are reviewed and considered for the Trillium Awards.

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Become a Volunteer Trillium Judge

Do you love to garden? Do you want to contribute to our Community?
The Hamilton Trillium Awards program is made possible because of over three hundred volunteers who contribute their personal time to judge all properties in the City of Hamilton, often re-visiting their assigned zones several times before making a final decision on the issuance of awards.

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Volunteer Judge Requirements

  • An appreciation for horticulture and gardening
  • Some free time during the months of June and July to visit properties in your zone
  • Must attend a short, evening Judge’s workshop in early spring

The Role of the Judge
Volunteer judges attend a special Judge’s workshop to better prepare them to evaluate the criteria of the Trillium Awards. Each City Ward is divided in to several smaller zones. Judges then select a zone to review all properties within the zone. The Judges in each zone select the two White Trillium Properties and one Award of Excellence.