Victoria Park Playground Update

Update: The Victoria park structure is on track for installation this spring.  The structure (rendering provided below) has been ordered from the oversees supplier.  Colours are not exactly as shown.


This massive play space has children stretching beyond their limits and learning as they go. It is ideal for schools and busy parks where a large number of school-aged children play (recommended age is 5 to 12).



A new climbing structure is coming in late Fall 2017 or early Spring 2018 depending on weather, archeological work and delivery of a new structure coming from Germany!  Click image to open a larger PDF version.


The work is being planned for late fall or early spring so the area is not roped off during high season (summer).   

Background: In the summer of 2016 the play structure in Victoria Park was replaced as a part of the capital budget play structure program. 

After the Victoria Park play structure installation, some residents indicated that they were dissatisfied with the replacement structure. To better understand the concerns from the residents, staff met on site with the community and made suggestions of equipment that could be included within the existing play area footprint. However, the community requested a specific play element (as shown in the above image) that would need to be located in a new play area (outside the current footprint).

The new play area required additional planning, design and archaeology work as well as sourcing a new climbing element that needs to be shipped from Germany. 

Aidan would like to thank everyone, both staff and residents, for their efforts in helping make Victoria Park Playground even better!