Ward 1 Alley Revitalization Project


We are excited to announce that Phase 1 of the Ward 1 Alleyway Revitalization is well underway. This project was made possible through the forWard One Participatory Budgeting Process.  Community feedback was collected in 2015 (results report below) to determine the Priority Alleys.  Thank you to everyone who helped submit the idea, vote for it and took part in our community consultation!

Phase 1 includes filling potholes, even alley surface, repair chipped / cracked concrete/ asphalt.

  • Chatham/Charlton, Locke/Dundurn
  • Herkimer/Charlton, Locke/Dundurn
  • North of King, between Paisley and Marion
  • Lamoreaux/Head, Dundurn/Strathcona

Project Scope and Priority Report - March 2017 - click here to download Report

Results of the Community Consultation - April 2016 - click here to download Report