Ward 1 Update

Hello friends,

Across the Ward, teachers and students have returned to school for the 2016-2017 school year.  Thank you to all drivers for slowing down around school zones, respecting crossing guards and watching for pedestrians. Wishing everyone a successful year!

Thank you to everyone who attended and provided feedback at our Light Rail Transit (LRT) Open House at McMaster Innovation Park on Monday September 12.  Your feedback is an important part of the project and is being carefully considered by the LRT Team.  It was the first open house after announcing that after evaluating several locations along the route, the preferred location for the LRT Train Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility is in Kirkendall at the corner of Longwood and Aberdeen.  This development will allow for needed improvements to Longwood Road that will benefit everyone using the street.

Ward 1 Participatory Budgeting had record-breaking voter turn-out this spring.  In significant part, this was due to stronger turn-out in parts of Ward 1 that have not engaged very deeply in our past PB processes.  I am pleased to report that key infrastructure projects will be funded in all four of our main Ward 1 neighbourhoods.  Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas, casted ballots, and/or served on our “PB” coordination committee! 

Wishing all of you a safe and happy September!


Aidan Johnson, BCL, LLB, BA, MA
City Councillor for Ward 1 (West Hamilton)