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Water in the Changing North


Saturday, January 13, 2018


McMaster University Health Sciences Centre
1200 Main St W
Ewart Angus Centre, Room 1A1
Hamilton, ON L8P 1H1

HAALSA (Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art) presents Water in the Changing North, by Dr. Sean Carey. 

Northwestern Canada is warming more rapidly than any location on the planet, resulting in unprecedented ecosystem changes, widespread permafrost thaw, and glacial retreat.  At the same time, development, primarily exploration and extraction of resources, is placing additional pressure on sensitive ecosystems far from societal centres.  Based on his 20 years of travel and research in Northwestern Canada, Dr. Carey reviews the changes ad how our water resources are threatened.  How Canadians can adapt to these changes remains uncertain.  Dr. Carey is professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences and directs the Watershed Hydrology Group. 

For more information:  www.haalsa.org