Waterfront Shores Corporation is the staff recommendation for the West Harbour Project

At the June 6, 2018 General Issues Committee (GIC), staff presented a report recommending Waterfront Shores Corporation as the Preferred Proponent of the Pier 8 Development Request for Proposal (RFP) process.


The announcement comes following a thorough and comprehensive evaluation process of four received proposals. Hamilton City Council will meet on June 13th to consider final approval of staff’s recommendation.

Staff from the Planning & Economic Development Department are recommending that Waterfront Shores move to the final stage of the solicitation process for the Pier 8 development opportunity. This includes exclusive negotiations for the purchase and development of the Pier 8 lands on the basis of its winning proposal.

The staff report did not contain any recommendation regarding the former Discovery Centre building also located on Pier 8. The former Discovery Centre site, which did not form any part of the RFP, will be addressed in a future, separate staff report for consideration by GIC.

Upon a successful negotiation of a development agreement with the preferred proponent City staff will come back with an Information Report‎ with a summary of the four proposals.

To view the Waterfront Shores Presentation, please click here.

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