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Westdale Floorball - Open House


Tuesday, March 27, 2018


George Vanier School
100 Macklin St N
Hamilton, ON L8S 3S1

Ward 1 residents, the only floorball league in Hamilton is right in your backyard!

Floorball is a fast paced game played world wide which uses the basic principles of time and space similar to ice hockey, soccer, basketball and lacrosse but is played on a hard floor with running shoes and a very light stick and light whiffle ball.

Our players enjoy the fast paced action, the quick movements of the ball and the small area game that keeps them coming back for more! The simple rules which do not allow any stick infractions create a safer game. The players learn to use skill and technique to make plays. This sport is a great way for players to develop their stick handling and hand eye coordination skills at a very reasonable cost.

Our season is only run in the spring from April 3rd to June 26th out of Coronation Arena on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Our players range in ages from 2 to 18 years for the 6pm - 8pm hours and then moms and dads play from 9pm - 10pm...it is a real full family sporting event!

Players at a very young age enjoy the simplicity and fun of the various games we create for them while older kids and parents compete to score on the goalies!

We are holding an open house on Tuesday March 27th and Thursday March 29th at George P Vanier School from 6pm - 8pm for people to come and TRY IT OUT!

Helmets and protective gloves are required for all players to try and we will have sticks to use.

All information about the game, league, registration and the open house can be found at http://westdalefloorball.com