Westdale Threatre Heritage Review

Update: On January 25, 2017 City Council ratified the decision of the Planning Committee to speed up the Heritage Review for the Westdale Theatre.



At the City of Hamilton's Planning Committee, Aidan's Motion to speed up the Heritage Review for the Westdale Theatre passed and will be finalized at the January 25 City Council Meeting.  This means the Westdale Theatre is at the top of the Heritage Designation Review work plan. 

Since elected, Aidan has been working to protect the Theatre.  In a statement to the Hamilton Spectator, Aidan said that with a sped-up heritage designation process, there will be a report in the second quarter on the building's bona fides as a heritage building.

"In my opinion, the whole building, from bow to stern, should be designated," says Johnson, "but we'll hear from the heritage planner."

View the full motion here

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